For lease

The ECO Tower business center is located in the central business district of Zaporizhia, which allows tenants to always be in the center of events of the business life of the city. The building consists of 19 floors with premises ranging from 35 sqm to 916 sqm.


17-19 Panoramic multifunctional premises

15-16 Offices with open space layouts

13-14 Offices with cabinet layouts

  7-12 Offices with open space layouts

    3-6 Offices with cabinet layouts

    1-2 Trading and service areas

Offices for lease

Office premises O11/A1

34,6 sqm

Floor 11

Office premises O9/B2

86,9 sqm

Floor 9

Office premises O6/А5

44,3 sqm

Floor 6

Office premises О5/А3

114,6 sqm

Floor 5

Office premises O5/B2

87,04 sqm

Floor 5

Retail space R1/A2-1

32,4 sqm

Floor 1

Retail space R1/A2-3

41,6 sqm

Floor 1

Retail space R2/A3

41,49 sqm

Floor 2